Taste The Dishes

What makes the food good? Is it a blend of spices and herbs? Is it the way it is cooked or presented? Is it due to the taste buds in our mouth? Perhaps, it is all three! At the end of the day, we need food to survive and life is too short to eat crappy food. The two food pictures from different restaurants featured below tell two different stories. The first pictures features the Margherita pizza. The pizza not only has great presentation, but it is as delicious as it looks. The pizza had one of the best crusts I have ever tasted. It was light and fluffy. The only thing that I didn’t like was that the tomatoes were a bit big and when you took a bite, you ended up taking the entire tomato slice with you. The second pictures contains shrimp in bag, water in a plastic cup with a straw, and coke in a can as well as plastic gloves, with brown paper on the table. What is wrong with that picture? For starters, the food isn’t on a plate, and the drinks aren’t in glasses. Makes it seem that the restaurant is either too lazy to do dishes or just wants to put more plastic in the landfill. It is a nice looking seafood restaurant with beautiful antique looking lights that just recently opened up in the neighborhood. The only good thing is that the shrimp was flavorful due to the sauce being mixed up in the bag with the shrimp. At the end of the day, the way food is presented is one of the key reasons for a restaurants success. Also, the food has to taste great for people to ignore the fact that the presentation is poor.


Starbucks Unicorn Drink Review


The Starbucks Unicorn drink is magically delicious! It tastes a bit like creamy mango with a tangy/sour taste. It is not that sour for myself, but some might find it so. It is like taking a sour candy and sucking all the sugar off it. The only problem is that it’s not available all summer. This is the perfect summer, Instagram-able drink! Something to take to the beach, or a stroll along the park and or floating around on a unicorn floatie in the pool. It’s all unicorns and rainbows here!

Bioré® Charcoal Pore Strips Review


Charcoal isn’t only used to heat your barbecue! It is now used for your face as well! “Clean and invigorate your pores with these Deep Cleansing Charcoal Pore Strips from Bioré.” I bought some Bioré pore strips today from the store, because I wanted to get rid of the blackheads on my nose. Plus this product seemed to be well liked by the masses. The Bioré Deep Cleansing Charcoal Pore Strips is probably the best investment for my money’s worth with any face product I have ever bought in my lifetime. The directions are easy to following and the 10-20 minute wait for the pore strip to get dry and stiff is well worth it. If it is hard to sit still for that long then read, watch TV, do chores around the house. When I took the pore strip off my nose I saw a noticeable difference in the way my nose looked. Plus, an added bonus was that it was really soft to the touch. My nose has never been that soft. It was smooth as silk! The charcoal pull out the gunk out the pores like a vacuum and the sticky part of the strip sticks to your nose really well. People seem to like looking at their strip afterwards to see how much icky stuff is on there. I highly recommend this product to anybody who wants clear skin with little effort.

















New York Color Nail Polish Review


The base coat nail polish Strip me off by New York Color is by far the most creative nail polish product ever! It makes getting off regular and glittery nail polish quite easy. It beats having to take out nail polish remover when you made a mistake while doing your nails. It prevents getting the other nails getting damaged in the process. It’s great when you want to wear nail polish the one day and take it off the next. Or when you change your mind on what color of nail polish you want to wear. The only problem I have with it that it comes off too easily sometimes when you brush your nails over something hard and the corners start lifting. The best part it peels right off, in one strip without damaging your nails. Unlike before when people chipped over their nails with a harder object, ruining their nails.

1- Apply generously our Strip Me Off base coat
2- Wait until the white base coat becomes transparent
3- Paint your nail with favorite color/special effect nail polish
4- Just peel off to remove it