Taste The Dishes

What makes the food good? Is it a blend of spices and herbs? Is it the way it is cooked or presented? Is it due to the taste buds in our mouth? Perhaps, it is all three! At the end of the day, we need food to survive and life is too short to eat crappy food. The two food pictures from different restaurants featured below tell two different stories. The first pictures features the Margherita pizza. The pizza not only has great presentation, but it is as delicious as it looks. The pizza had one of the best crusts I have ever tasted. It was light and fluffy. The only thing that I didn’t like was that the tomatoes were a bit big and when you took a bite, you ended up taking the entire tomato slice with you. The second pictures contains shrimp in bag, water in a plastic cup with a straw, and coke in a can as well as plastic gloves, with brown paper on the table. What is wrong with that picture? For starters, the food isn’t on a plate, and the drinks aren’t in glasses. Makes it seem that the restaurant is either too lazy to do dishes or just wants to put more plastic in the landfill. It is a nice looking seafood restaurant with beautiful antique looking lights that just recently opened up in the neighborhood. The only good thing is that the shrimp was flavorful due to the sauce being mixed up in the bag with the shrimp. At the end of the day, the way food is presented is one of the key reasons for a restaurants success. Also, the food has to taste great for people to ignore the fact that the presentation is poor.


Fall is just around the corner!

Fall is almost here! Well, it seems like that due to the leaves changing color on the maple leaves (due to lack of rain) and cool, 15°C (59°F) rainy days. Nothing compared to the 30°C (86°F) felt almost a week ago. It seems that we finally got a taste of actual summer before it quickly disappeared to be replaced by fall. It is almost the time to start bundling up against the chilly wind and sip on some Starbucks Pumpkin Spice Latte, since that drink seems to be back on the menu! What is not to love about the fall, the crisp air, scarves, changing colors, being thankful, remembering, pumpkin pie, falling leaves, cozy sweaters, Halloween; just to name a few! So shake off that old blanket and settle down for a cozy picnic in a meadow surrounded by fall colors. Or maybe, a photo shoot against the backdrop of the colorful autumn trees. Enjoy it while it lasts because winter is coming, and it sounds like it is going to be a crazy winter.

The Sun Sets

The sun sets on this fall Autumn day

And soon the Autumn rains will come

Where does our sweet sorrow lie

How do we past the days

When the winter chill sets into our bones

Or when the wind starts howling

like a pack of ravishing wolves

The leaves start changing into brilliant shades

and yet the sun still falls day by day


Things to do in the Fall!

What to do when you are bored in the free time away from university or other aspects of your life is a hard decision to make. Sometimes they are non-existent or there is a million things at once that is happening and you want to do them all. When the weather is yucky, it is always nice to curl up with a good book and a blanket or hit the mall to go shopping. What is there to do when the weather is beautiful? Well here is a list of things one can do outside in the fall when the weather is gorgeous.

  1. Picnic! Even though the summer is gone, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have a nice get together! When the ground or the picnic table is dry, just bundle up a bit and enjoy a nice day with friends!
  2. Pumpkin Patch! Corn Maze! Hit the local pumpkin patch or corn maze for some fun, giggles and an overall good time! Put on some gumboots since the ground could be muddy since it is a farm after all, and farms are known for being muddy!
  3. Photoshoot! If you have a camera, or a phone it is always a good time to get good shots with friends under the golden, reddish trees, throwing leaves into the air!
  4. Coffee shop! Hit the local coffee shop for some fall drinks and change up the scenery, get outdoors and explore the city!
  5. Museum, Beach, etc.! Hit the beach or museum, or explore the city! Find an interesting new store or go to a place where you have never been before! Just go have fun!


Life, Love, Dreams!

2 weeks until University is done! Can’t believe how fast the time went by. It seem like yesterday I started University, but now my 5 years are over and done with. Now it’s time to face the real world and try to find a job. Now I have to fit in everything that I want to do before the semester ends :S

Things I want to do!

  • Go down to the beach
  • Photoshoot
  • Hike up this small hill at night for the city view and for the stars
  • Go see the seals
  • Explore more parks

I only have two assignments left and two essays to study for then I am done besides the readings I have to do for class 😦 Oh well! In terms of the New Years Resolutions I created in January, I have had no time to focus on them, so I will leave that for the summertime! I’ve been watching a lot of YouTube videos lately, especially DIY videos and it’s getting me into the mood to start working on DIY projects that I do not have the space to do. It’s also making me want to get candles from Bath and Body Works. Those candles are expensive, but I can’t burn any otherwise the university residence fire alarm will go off. I need to fix my Starbucks hot chocolate craving! There is now Trix Cereal in some store ins Canada for a limited time! There hasn’t been any in Canada since I was a kid and only in America, so happy dance to that! There is also French Toast Crunch in certain stores which makes me really happy.


My Life in a Nutshell!

Life of a University student can be quite hectic in terms of writing essays and doing lots of readings. Homework is never ending, but it is best to schedule everything out that you need to do on a calender or agenda. In order to keep organized and give yourself plenty of time to get work done or procrastinate. It is best to give yourself some free time as well, to enjoy being outside in the fresh air or go on hikes. Even exploring the city is fine as well, but it is best not to spend the week staring in front of the computer screen. I love how my University is just a 15 minute walk to the beach or the small mountain where you can see 360 degree views of the city. Sort of like San Francisco’s twin peaks, except way warmer…most of the time! I love listening to music, don’t know where I would be without it. I just love listening to Spotify where you can save hundreds of songs, make meaningful playlists and listen to them over and over again. Photography is also a big part of my life, and I love how there are amazing parks or beaches within a walk/bus ride to them. It is especially good when wildlife are use to humans to be able to get a closeup shot like the ones below.

DSCN2012 DSCN2107 DSCN2193

Packing for University

I’m already packing for University since my move in day for residence is on August 31st . On top of that, I’m heading down there early for a birthday party, but before then a trip to Vancouver…YIPEE! Pretty Moon! I still need to pack my clothes and make sure I have everything sorted out and ready to go. I wish summer won’t end SOOO soon, but I can’t wait to be back at school. (Well NOT the essay and test part). Only to hang out with my friends and have fun things to do instead of the same old stuff. Can’t wait to get back to Caddy Bay to my favorite tree. So lovely!

26 Days and Counting!

Keep Well and Keep Dreaming!


Endless Possibilities

Sorry I haven’t written in a while. I’ve been busy for the past few days with Canada Day Celebrations, the beach and a trip to my friend’s house. The Canada Day celebrations were nice, but it was at least 30 degrees Celsius. Too hot to wander around the grounds. Glad I headed to the beach. The beach, a perfect place to relax and explore while looking at all the beach critters. The trip to visit my friend was like destiny. The perfect mix of relaxing, swimming and exploring. I took so many pictures, and I will take so many more in my lifetime. It’s my life to become a photographer. since I look at life through the lens of my camera. Today, I went to the mall to La Senza for their semi-annual clearance sale and got a few things. But after spending 4 days at my friend’s house, I enjoy being back at home. But I miss waking up and seeing the ocean, the nice coastline. There are endless possibilities and many possible futures before this summer ends.