Winter Break…Finally!

Finally finished exams! Yipee! Time to dance in the rain while wishing for a white Christmas! Then drink hot chocolate and watch a good movie. The way that I’ve been passing the time when I was bored studying was going on Pinterest and watching YouTube beauty and fashion bloggers. Listening to music is one of the best ways to pass the time. Who can studying for hours on end, especially when it is close to Christmas and there are numerous fun stuff to do or people to hang out with when school has ended.



Last Day of University!

So happy that my last day of university for this semester was yesterday! Well not really in terms of the fun courses that sadly had to end, but the work that I had to do in those classes finally ended. Eight papers over the course of 12 weeks isn’t that great! Exam time is starting up and studying for exams will begin soon after a mediating, relieving of stress relaxing few days before I get into the grunt of things. With that being said, only 20 more days until it’s CHRISTMAS, one of my favourite times of the year. The beauty of the Christmas lights shining in the dark, people full of Christmas Spirit. Time with family is more important during the holidays! Time to decorate the house, baking all those yummy goodies, drinking hot chocolate, ice skating!