My Life in a Nutshell!

Life of a University student can be quite hectic in terms of writing essays and doing lots of readings. Homework is never ending, but it is best to schedule everything out that you need to do on a calender or agenda. In order to keep organized and give yourself plenty of time to get work done or procrastinate. It is best to give yourself some free time as well, to enjoy being outside in the fresh air or go on hikes. Even exploring the city is fine as well, but it is best not to spend the week staring in front of the computer screen. I love how my University is just a 15 minute walk to the beach or the small mountain where you can see 360 degree views of the city. Sort of like San Francisco’s twin peaks, except way warmer…most of the time! I love listening to music, don’t know where I would be without it. I just love listening to Spotify where you can save hundreds of songs, make meaningful playlists and listen to them over and over again. Photography is also a big part of my life, and I love how there are amazing parks or beaches within a walk/bus ride to them. It is especially good when wildlife are use to humans to be able to get a closeup shot like the ones below.

DSCN2012 DSCN2107 DSCN2193


Last Day of University!

So happy that my last day of university for this semester was yesterday! Well not really in terms of the fun courses that sadly had to end, but the work that I had to do in those classes finally ended. Eight papers over the course of 12 weeks isn’t that great! Exam time is starting up and studying for exams will begin soon after a mediating, relieving of stress relaxing few days before I get into the grunt of things. With that being said, only 20 more days until it’s CHRISTMAS, one of my favourite times of the year. The beauty of the Christmas lights shining in the dark, people full of Christmas Spirit. Time with family is more important during the holidays! Time to decorate the house, baking all those yummy goodies, drinking hot chocolate, ice skating!

I’m Back!

Sorry it’s been so long since I last posted! I’ve been busy with my student life, mainly working on my never ending essays! Been doing nothing else that is interesting, besides going for walks, taking pictures, shopping and hanging out with friends. I even have a pet cactus:

DSCN8511Study Hard + Messy Room= Residence Life

That rings true to me, my bedroom after Canadian Thanksgiving became really messy, not because I like my room messy. It’s that I was spending more time working on essays than making sure my room stayed neat. Oops!

Dorm Room Ideas

The pictures below showcase some ideas what I’m possibly planning for my dorm room, but it can work for any room in the house. Thought it would be better to showcase some of my photos instead of having all posters/maps. Make my room more girly and less American. Not that having an American room is a bad thing (I’m a Canadian…I blame my Americanism on my ancestors). If I could find an American Flag bedding or a civil war flag, I would be up to the moon. But it’s sad that the American bathing suit at target was too small 😦

Polaroid photos hanging on a string!

Ping Pong Lights!

Photos in a shape of a heart!

Washi Tape Photo Frames!


*none of those pictures above are mine, found them via web*

Packing for University

I’m already packing for University since my move in day for residence is on August 31st . On top of that, I’m heading down there early for a birthday party, but before then a trip to Vancouver…YIPEE! Pretty Moon! I still need to pack my clothes and make sure I have everything sorted out and ready to go. I wish summer won’t end SOOO soon, but I can’t wait to be back at school. (Well NOT the essay and test part). Only to hang out with my friends and have fun things to do instead of the same old stuff. Can’t wait to get back to Caddy Bay to my favorite tree. So lovely!

26 Days and Counting!

Keep Well and Keep Dreaming!