Summer Fashion TrendsūüĆļ

  • Printed Shortssmatey-l-610x610-shorts-aztec-minishorts-warm-weather-print-pattern-pastel-colors-girly-vintage-tribalshorts-shapes-lines-cutshorts-tribalpattern-belt-summer-aztek-printedshorts-colorful-gossi
  • Crop topsc8afbc77fd280b51c020057c0584e7f2
  • Fringe¬†Sandalstumblr_nmo0u6f73x1qgn23wo1_500
  • Gladiator Sandalsc2434e0d78480f4ed4e60c0fb3fc238e
  • Cutout one-piece swimsuits98cdd09995e63784d67d2f7fa9c43986
  • Kimonosvhis5y-l-610x610-shorts-denimshorts-kimono-rippedshorts-coat-tank-sweater-shirt-cute-white-highwaistedshort-floral-summer-spring-pink-denim-floraljacket-floralprintblouse-blouse-tshirt-bel
  • Weekender totesvictorias-secret-2015-limited-edition-glitter-weekender-tote-bag-black-fb92b59d9880f5bd55482471f02aca9b
  • Galaxy print everythingil_570xn-440439812_9dtg

‚ô°How to be TUMBLR‚ô°

I keep on seeing lots of videos on how to be Tumblr and I wanted to share some interesting summer Tumblr ideas with you. Many people are following the trends, fashions of Tumblr and Instagram! So get out there and be creative!

  • Acai Bowl:¬†is basically a really thick smoothie that’s been topped with oatmeal, fruit or peanut butter, and then you wolf it down with a spoon.tumblr_n5x9iaqplu1qbjtcpo1_500
  • Penny Board:¬†is a type of plastic skateboard, known within the industry as a short cruiser. The term “Penny” is synonymous with “Penny Skateboards,” an Australian-based company founded in 2010 by Ben Mackay.eebdeff06fcfef1e15e5eff68942f1b7
  • Infused Water:¬†is water that has fruit or herbs added to it. This infusion gives the water a particular flavor and may result in the absorption of vitamins¬†into the water.¬†tumblr_n6rax3n5jx1qev1moo1_500
  • Pool Floats: Doughnuts, pizza, unicorn pool floats are one of the many popular pool toys used by teenagers, especially in ¬†summertime YouTube videos.tumblr_n5xrrg4wxs1rgxogvo1_500
  • Crop top, high waist shorts: Great for the summer, especially in the hot weather. Could also be paired with a kimono cover-up, or a cute necklace and sunglasses.tumblr_n2uwvojm611shid61o1_500
  • Converse shoes: A pair of casual shoes that teenagers wear, often paired with high waist shorts, a crop top and sometimes a pennyboard.¬†tumblr_myhbi8a1m51tnz8wbo1_500
  • Flannel tops: Flannel tops is not just for loggers and farmers anymore. Tied around the waist or worn the regular way of teenage females, often with short shorts and a top in the summer and leggings or jeans in the winter time.tumblr_nkpvn3cnlw1qeo244o1_500
  • Bralettes: Bralettes are in fashion, paired under anything like tank tops to crop tops, flannel, etc. They are a cute fashion statement for any wardrobe. Popular among females and probably won’t go out of fashion for a while.tumblr_nmnraeb1t01tgk3pgo1_1280
  • Starbucks: Starbucks is a perfect summer drink to cool off the summer heat. It’s so basic, it’s crazy! How can you go wrong with a¬†frappuccino, SO GOOD!tumblr_mkanbqyfdn1s3nv50o1_500

Fall Fashion Trends

Fall is finally here and so is the comfy clothing! It is great to look stylish while comfortable in the cool fall weather, drinking pumpkin spice latte or any other warm fall drink like hot chocolate or tea! Here are some fall fashion trends that are popular in the stores! Happy Fall!

  • Vest
  • Poncho
  • Plaid Shirt
  • Floppy Hat
  • Long Cardigan
  • Sweater Dress
  • Infinity Scarf
  • Sweater Leggings