Pokemon GO Fascination

Gotta catch ’em all! Since Pokemon Go has been released, there has been countless new articles on people who crashed their cars, fell off cliffs, ponds and other mishaps. Accidents such as this -> Pokemon GO Accident is the reason why police are issuing warnings to stay safe while playing the game. In case you haven’t heard of it yet here is an article explaining what it is about -> Pokemon Go 101. They are also saying that people are getting robbed while playing, so watch out. It seems that all common sense, safety went out the window as the craze of trying to catch all the Pokemon in your city. Whether it was released in your area  or you got the app through other means. Please remember to keep safe while playing the game, look both ways while crossing the street, watch your surroundings (not Pokemon) in case you run into trees, fall off cliffs, ponds, into cars. Your life is more important than a game! So please stay safe and try not to kill your self while searching for Pokemon!