New York Color Nail Polish Review


The base coat nail polish Strip me off by New York Color is by far the most creative nail polish product ever! It makes getting off regular and glittery nail polish quite easy. It beats having to take out nail polish remover when you made a mistake while doing your nails. It prevents getting the other nails getting damaged in the process. It’s great when you want to wear nail polish the one day and take it off the next. Or when you change your mind on what color of nail polish you want to wear. The only problem I have with it that it comes off too easily sometimes when you brush your nails over something hard and the corners start lifting. The best part it peels right off, in one strip without damaging your nails. Unlike before when people chipped over their nails with a harder object, ruining their nails.

1- Apply generously our Strip Me Off base coat
2- Wait until the white base coat becomes transparent
3- Paint your nail with favorite color/special effect nail polish
4- Just peel off to remove it