Summertime Fun!

Can’t believe that summer is already here! It is going to be a hot one this weekend, going up to 35 degrees Celsius or 95 Fahrenheit for those people in America. The only problem with the hot weather is the lack of water in rivers and lakes. The risk of forest fires increase, due to the dryness and with the stupidity of humans who do not put out campfires completely or throw their cigarettes out the window. This summer I am looking forward to hanging out at the beach and exploring new places. The moon looks so amazing tonight while I am writing this blog post! I am also looking forward to the fireworks on July 4th, it’s going to be a fantastic night! The garden is starting to look like an actual garden since the vegetables are growing quite quickly. Can’t wait to eat them, because fresh vegetables from the garden is much healthier because you know exactly where they came from. Less distance those vegetables traveled is better on the environment. On another note, forgive my ramblings! Hope your Summer is fantastic! What are your plans for this summer?

Keep well!