Long Hair Problems

Long hair takes time to grow and it’s a lot of work. It is worth growing your hair out because the wind in your hair or running your fingers through your hair feelings so good. In order to keep your hair healthy and strong here is a few tips and tricks for your long Hair Problems:

  1. Don’t brush your hair when it’s wet, it is so much easier to run a comb through your hair then a hairbrush.
  2. Coconut Oil is good for long hair in terms of a moisturizer and makeup remover
  3. Don’t wear your hair loose in bed otherwise it will tangle
  4. Use metal free hair elastics
  5. Don’t twist your hair elastics on your hair too many times otherwise your hair might break
  6. Use a hairbrush that is right for your hair
  7. Wash your hair every few days so your natural oils can help keep your hair healthy.
  8. Go to a hair dresser once in a while for a trip to get rid of split ends and keep it healthy

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