Moments pass really quickly, too quickly in fact! Memories fade away eventually! Time slows down or speeds up when you least expect it. So best to cherish those memories while they last and capture those moments before they go. Photography is one of those great inventions of time that allows you to capture those memories, and when those moments fade you have a picture to look to gain back those cherished memories. Live life to the fullest and cherish even the insignificant moments because they can have a bigger impact on your life later on. Life shouldn’t have a strict structure, but room to grow or change. It is alright if you don’t have any goals in life, just live life doing what you love to do. Collect the happiest moments in life!


Spring is in the Air!

I can’t believe how many flowers are blooming in the middle of January where the weather is suppose to be an average of 8 degrees Celsius instead of the 10-12 degree Celsius weather that has been hanging around for the last while. It is warm enough to go out in a sweater or a t-shirt when it is sunny out. I just wished it snowed a lot like it did last year, I guess wishful thinking.