Outfit designing

I love using Polyvore to make outfit designs and to explore my creativity. It works really well in trying to figure out what matches in terms of certain types of clothing.

Summertime Fun

New Year’s Eve Resolutions!

  • Work Out, get fit!
  • Yoga!
  • Eat Healthy!
  • Walk More!
  • Try New Things!
  • Take More Photographs!
  • Make some Videos!
  • Eat More Snacks!
  • Explore more of the City!
  • Learn German…again!
  • Work on Genealogy!
  • Learn to Dance!
  • Write More!
  • Keep a Journal!
  • Make sure room stays clean!
  • Procrastinate less!
  • Learn to apply make up right!
  • Watch more movies!
  • Get more organized!
  • Read More!
  • Spend Less Time Online!
  • Learn a new Skill!
  • Etc!