Getting ready for Christmas!

It’s close to Christmas and the house doesn’t look ready for Christmas yet! Oops! Soon the stockings will be hung with care, lights will be put up and the Christmas Tree will be decorated. The weather is windy and rainy! So not the white snow I’ve been wanting since Summer (yes it’s bad when I want snow in Summer when I wished for hot weather last winter). I want to snowboard and the lack of snow prevents such things. The weather this year has been abnormal, too wet, not enough sun and cold. This is weather is making me wear sweaters instead of scarves, hats and winter boots. I remember 20 degree weather in twice in November was not normal and last year the wind chill of -15 was not either. Oh well, 11% chance of a white Christmas is sad! It is time to get into the Christmas Spirit and get the Christmas Carols playing!

Winter Break…Finally!

Finally finished exams! Yipee! Time to dance in the rain while wishing for a white Christmas! Then drink hot chocolate and watch a good movie. The way that I’ve been passing the time when I was bored studying was going on Pinterest and watching YouTube beauty and fashion bloggers. Listening to music is one of the best ways to pass the time. Who can studying for hours on end, especially when it is close to Christmas and there are numerous fun stuff to do or people to hang out with when school has ended.


The Insider’s Guide to Winter Fashion

List of Winter Trends:

  1. Infinity scarves- I love Infinity scarves, especially if they are nice and thick to keep out the winter chill. They can pretty much go with any outfit, but works especially well with sweaters and jackets.
  2. Ugly Christmas Sweaters- I was actually surprised this becoming a trend. Those “ugly sweaters” are so adorable though.
  3. Open Front Cardigan Sweaters- I am in love with this! They make you feel so cozy and l just love how they you feel so warm. They are great to pair up with summer tops that would be too cold to wear in the winter.
  4. Uggs- Uggs are one of those things that go great with skinny jeans (no matter if you have the fake ones or the real Uggs). They not only keep your feet warm, but adds to your outfit.
  5. Long sleeved knit tops- Depends on the knitted top or long sleeved tops in general, but they are great to keep you warm enough without having to wear a sweater.
  6. Ankle Boots- Ankle boots are also great with skinny jeans, and I have no personal experience with this, but they are quite fashionable.

It is best to go with the layered look as it really pulls your outfit together, especially with an Open Front Cardigan Sweaters. It really depends on your personal choices, and your fashion tastes. The only thing that matters is that you are warm enough.