Fall Colours!

I just love the fall! Fall at my university’s campus is so beautiful with the hues of yellow, red and orange. Leaves scattered on the ground, to the leaves that are still in the trees. Fall is beautiful! With winter around the corner, soon the trees will be bare and the dreadful¬†conditions of winter will be upon us. I’m not saying that everything is bad about winter, but only the bare trees without snow or leaves makes things depressing especially with the the short days. I ‚̧ snow and curling up beside a fire with a blanket and a good book. Hot chocolate is always good for the chilly winter nights. With school almost over, and the increased pace of trying to get everything done before the semester is done is hard. Oh well, soon the spirit of Christmas will be downtown and everything will be better!



I’m Back!

Sorry it’s been so long since I last posted! I’ve been busy with my student life, mainly working on my never ending essays! Been doing nothing else that is interesting, besides going for walks, taking pictures, shopping and hanging out with friends. I even have a pet cactus:

DSCN8511Study Hard + Messy Room= Residence Life

That rings true to me, my bedroom after Canadian Thanksgiving became really messy, not because I like my room messy. It’s that I was spending more time working on essays than making sure my room stayed neat. Oops!