Dorm Room Ideas

The pictures below showcase some ideas what I’m possibly planning for my dorm room, but it can work for any room in the house. Thought it would be better to showcase some of my photos instead of having all posters/maps. Make my room more girly and less American. Not that having an American room is a bad thing (I’m a Canadian…I blame my Americanism on my ancestors). If I could find an American Flag bedding or a civil war flag, I would be up to the moon. But it’s sad that the American bathing suit at target was too small 😦

Polaroid photos hanging on a string!

Ping Pong Lights!

Photos in a shape of a heart!

Washi Tape Photo Frames!


*none of those pictures above are mine, found them via web*


Packing for University

I’m already packing for University since my move in day for residence is on August 31st . On top of that, I’m heading down there early for a birthday party, but before then a trip to Vancouver…YIPEE! Pretty Moon! I still need to pack my clothes and make sure I have everything sorted out and ready to go. I wish summer won’t end SOOO soon, but I can’t wait to be back at school. (Well NOT the essay and test part). Only to hang out with my friends and have fun things to do instead of the same old stuff. Can’t wait to get back to Caddy Bay to my favorite tree. So lovely!

26 Days and Counting!

Keep Well and Keep Dreaming!