Time flies so FAST!

Moonlight Dreams

Can’t believe there is a little more then a month left until University starts up again. I’m excited to see my friends again, but somewhat happy for the courses that I am taking. I really like history, but the courses that I wanted to take aren’t offered. Hello, this American obsessed girl wants more American courses! Maybe I should make a YouTube video and vent my frustrations! And speaking of YouTube, I am obsessed with watching dorm tours, fashion hauls and how to makeup tutorials. One way to see all the latest trends and ideas to decorate. It’s a one stop shop on all the latest ideas, where one can educated themselves. Who wouldn’t want that! And speaking of ideas, I think I should start making lists on what I need for the coming school year, goals for that year, etc.

Goals for the upcoming University Year:

  • Get Fit!
  • Write in Agenda often!
  • Write down notes taken that day at night!
  • Read and write down important facts!
  • Eat 3 proper meals a day!
  • Eat lots of Ben and Jerry’s! 🙂
  • Blog more often!
  • Take Pictures more often!
  • Go to the beach almost every week!
  • Work on Genealogy

Hopefully I keep those goals, especially the Ben and Jerry’s! :p Who doesn’t think ice cream solves everything, especially during writing a paper or studying for an exam? It’s good to have goals in life, because one thing is that they keep you organized and on track. Or was that lists? Since it’s my last year, I going to try my hardest at everything I put my mind to. Maybe I should start adding posts about my take on the fashion trends, or anything else I can think of.

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Dreams are forever!




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