25 Facts about Me!

  1. I’m a South Paw (but some things I like doing with my right hand)
  2. I like to write stories and poems which leads to, too many stories not finished (but at least my poems are complete)
  3. I am a huge dreamer (Spend most of my time day dreaming)
  4. I have premonitions (Believe in whatever you want to believe in)
  5. I love stargazing, hiking, and biking
  6. I love genealogy (All the way up to my 13th Great Grandparents and all the way down to my 7th Cousin)
  7. I’ve been bitten by a dog
  8. I haven’t broken a bone in my body or a tooth
  9. I am the only child (cheers to all those years playing by myself)
  10. I am a book-worm
  11. I like working with animals
  12. I am a tom boy…not a girly girl
  13. My birthmark looks a bit like the Asian continent and surround area.
  14. I like Pepsi and not Coke
  15. I’ve seen a ghost
  16. I prefer swimming in an ocean than a lake or river
  17. I’m descendant from Germans, but I am also proud of my American ancestors
  18. I feed a deer, seagull and a squirrel from my hand
  19. I don’t like watching cartoons in movie theaters
  20. I’m shy
  21. I’ve been bullied
  22. I would prefer camping in a tent over an RV.
  23. I’m an amateur photographer and most likely have taken over 30,000 pictures.
  24. I have yet to see a cougar in real life…and yes I want to see one up close…and alive..well close enough for me to get a good shot of it.
  25. That’s all folks!

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