I dream as the darkness falls upon this earth. This blog will contain life’s up and downs as summer is upon us. The days are bright and the dark is full of terrors. <= As you can tell, I am a huge Game Of Thrones fan (the TV show…since I have yet to read the books). I don’t want to spoil the show by reading them because I want to know things as they happen in the show and not be this is going to happen next. True Emotions!  In a later post I will list all of my favorite songs, bands, TV shows and possibly movies, but it is really hard to narrow it down. I am a 4th year University Student, majoring in History with specialization in American. Yes I know a Canadian specializing in American History. Well as the typical stereotype goes, we are America’s hat. But one has to look past all the stereotypes and narrow down what makes both countries great, which is the scenery. Well welcome to this blog and enjoy your stay.

May your dreams always be joyful,



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